Saturday, June 27, 2020

Cates to the Beach!

Let’s Send the Cates to the Beach!
I am starting a fundraiser to send the Cates family on vacation to the beach.  With all the madness going on in the world, you may wonder why this family deserves your support.  It is my pleasure to introduce you to this fantastic family.
I have known the Cates family for more than ten years; we have attended church together, our kids went to the same schools, and we participated in the same community events.  When I met them, Cotton was an officer with the county sheriff’s office, and Krysta was a stay-at-home mom de jour.  She was a leader in the PTA, the homeroom mom of every class, volunteered to read to the kids in school…honestly, the list goes on and on.  Cotton coached the kid’s sports teams when he wasn’t busy as an officer.  They gave more to the community than I can say.
Fast forward ten years, the kids are all growing up, and Krysta is now a teacher in a local middle school.  Life is going well, the oldest is graduating with honors, the other two kids are excelling in their classes and extracurricular activities, and Cotton has been in the sheriff’s department for 20 years.
Cotton is a good man and an excellent officer.  He is the cop that we are all looking for right now.  The one who stands up and says, “this isn’t right” when he sees wrong done in the name of justice, by the very people who are tasked with upholding the law.  Instead of being rewarded for standing up for what was right, he lost his job.  He is looking for a job but so far has had no luck.  The stress of the past year is wearing on the entire family.  When asked how we could help, all they asked for was a way to bring their kids to the beach for a short vacation.  This way, they can have one last summer vacation with their oldest before he heads off to college, and the entire family can take a break from the incredible stress they face.
We, as a nation, are demanding that good police, like Cotton, stand up for what is right.  When someone does just that, they deserve to be rewarded, not pushed out of their job for breaking the thin blue line.  We may not be able to change what happened to Cotton and his family, but we can show our support to him and through him to the many other officers who have paid similar costs for doing the right thing.  Let’s use our dollars to support this good man and his family.
Donations can be made to
Thank you for your support.

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