Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Glimpse of a week in Skiffland

I've spent all weekend trying to compose a masterful, deep and insightful blog for you my loyal readers. However, I must be honest this week was not masterful, neither was it deep, nor was it insightful. This week was actually more of a let's just get through it and hope that everyone is standing and sane at the end of it all kind of weeks. This being said, I decided to give you a glimpse of Skiffland, at its best, through my FaceBook post this past week. Hold on to your hats folks, Crazy has just entered the building.


"Sometimes I frustrate when I drive all the way down to Walmart only to discover I grabbed the wrong card before I left (not that such a thing actually happened to me today, 15 minutes ago or anything;)."
Really when I started the week off this way I should have known I was heading for a rough ride.

Later that night
"When I was a teenager I spent a year and half intensely studying British history, along with the history of Scotland and Ireland.....yes I was a nerd and no I had no life. However on the very rare occasion my misspent youth comes in handy. Like tonight when I watched a movie on the Stone of Destiny and actually could follow the plot line. The moral of the story is if you spend a long period of your youth dedicated to studying the history of other countries (I spent 2 years on Russian history) you may not be able to land a paying job but you too can be an informed movie watcher. The End"
Such self actualization should not come at 1 am....just saying.


"School days, school days....but first a quick pick of the house. While the cat was away, namely me busy blogging Sat and feeling crummy Sun, the mice of this house sure did play;)"
Oh poor me....I was suffering some serious delusions here. In defense of my delusional state this was PRE coffee.

Later after Women's Bible study
"I laughed until my head hurt tonight. I love when I am able to do that:)"
By the way thanks to the ladies at my Bible study! I think that impression I did of an out of control woman laughing so hard she had tears rolling down her cheeks may have saved me a trip to the funny farm later in the week.

"Today I offer a toast to Tuesday. May you be kinder than your brother Monday, smoother than your brother Wednesday and sweeter than your sister Saturday. I raise my mug (read gallon sized bucket of coffee;) to you"

Never again will I toast another day...just saying.

"Today I am renting out one over emotional ten year old boy with a real flair for the dramatic. He will dazzle and amaze you with such classics of the stage as: "You've Ruined My Life! (watch as I stomp up the stairs)" "I Hate Dishes and I Hate You" "There Is No Food In This House that I Like, I'll Just Go To My Room and Starve to Death" "All My Brothers Annoy Me and So Do You" and my personal favorite "I Don't Need To Do School Because I Don't Want To Have A Job...EVER" Yes for a limited time all these and more can be yours for the low, low price of FREE!!! Hurry now and we will include the bonus material of "My Life Sucks." and "You Love all My Brothers More than Me" at absolutely No Charge!!!"
Yup this about sums up my morning well.

By the end of the day
"They're coming to take me away he-he ho-ho."
They never did show up. all I can figure is they saw footage of me laughing at Monday night Bible study and decided I was too great a risk to them.

I didn't even bother with a morning post after the way Tuesday treated me after my kindly greeting.

Later in the afternoon
"We are taking a break midday here at Skiff Academy. They are cleaning their mess up in the playroom. I am taking a shower and making lunch....seems like this is a great division of the work load to me;)"

Not stated in this sweet little post is the reason we took that midday break was that momma needed a time out. After a full morning of all my guys melting down I was done. Time to refocus. Yay me for taking a shower instead of putting my kids in a box a shipping them to grandma. Yup I deserve a gold star for this.

"If I laugh a little too loudly during The Big Bang Theory, it's only because I can relate a little too much"

I think this says all that needs to be said. If you haven't watched the Big Bang Theory please do and then think how my husband said he doesn't understand why Sheldon is funny because to him Sheldon makes perfect sense.

Again no morning toast....I learned a valuable, unforgettable lesson on Tuesday

"Today in Skiff corner I see a pile of clean spoons on the end table next to the sofa. Me: Jamie why are you dragging my spoons all over the house again?
Jamie: But they're new spoons and that makes them interesting.
Me: the reason we have new spoons is because you lost all the old spoons. I'm curious why do you like spoons so much?
Jamie: Because they are shiny and I can see my reflection in them. They make the sound all spoons make and I like the way they are smooth not rough like our other spoons ( our other spoons have a pattern on the handle). I love these glimpses into how my guys mind works. He is pretty cool."

This was a pretty cool moment in my week. I love all the cool lessons in life my kids teach me. Here I only take time to look at a spoon as I'm setting a table with it, eating with it, washing it or putting it away. Yet my son took the time to find beauty in what I barely notice. So many life lessons here.

Later in the day
"Two boys sent to their beds in time out, one boy sent to the bath to chill out, one on the computer for reward time, another on a computer for school time. Could someone please send me to naptime?"

A friend very kindly told me if I pouted well enough and complained loudly enough she would send me to bed for a nap. It was a nice gesture but no ap was in the cards for me.


3am Friday morning
"One Alex with a stomach bug. Poor little guy"

No commentary necessary. I'll let you use your imaginations here;)

Later in the day
"Alex is fine now. I'm not sure what he had but it was fast moving so I'll take it"

Yay for fast moving tummy bugs. If your going to get one this is the best kind to get.


"I've got nothing folks. All my wit is used up. Stop by again tomorrow after I have had time to recharge it"

And that folks was my week as seen through my FaceBook post. I have to say it gives a pretty good picture of what went down here in Skiffland. I hope you got a good laugh out of our escapades. Here's hoping for a better week. Lot's of love-Kristine

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