Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Montage of a Month

The month has flown by with nary a peep from the land of Skiff.  I'm worried says I as I sneak around glimpsing in windows and doors.  Skiffland is busy and noises abound and this silence is just absurd.  I creep to the first window and what do I find, a courtroom is what I do spy.  Sitting high on a dais gavel in hand, the judge's voice rings throughout the whole land.  "Not guilty!" he declares in a voice sure and strong. "The Skiffs are not truant and that is all."  I smile as I quickly move on.  Justice is served and I sing out a song.
The next door I spy is opened up wide, heat and delicious smells waft right on by.  It is a kitchen and in there I see Momma Skiff busily cooking.  Mountains of lasagna and lakes of chicken a'la king are cooking at a frantic speed.  In between stirring and testing, momma does hang Christmas decorations to be enjoyed by the whole land.  I can see at a glance this building is the church and the sign reads "Women's Christmas Dinner....Come! We'll have dessert"  Momma Skiff ,as part of a team, is busily enjoying this time of female bonding.
It is clear Skiffland is doing just fine.  My smile increases, then I see the school line.  One, two, three...but no I see more.  There are five now waiting at the door.  Skiff Academy is still going strong and now all five Skiff boys are enrolled.....Can there be more?!?  No Momma Skiff assures me, five that is all.  All five little chicks are now schooled a home.  No wonder Momma has not blogged in so long!
I come to the last window and peak quickly in.  There on the couch are Grandma and Granddad.  They've come to celebrate Christmas in Skiffdom.  Oh what fun, the kids do exclaim:)  The house was scrubbed and painted just in time for the arrival of the grandparents from Virginia.  Christmas morning arrives to much excitement and fuss. Everyone is blessed beyond what words can describe.
I have come to the end of my tour of the town and now you are caught up on the goings around.  The Skiffs wish you all the merriest of  all season's.  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

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