Monday, November 21, 2011

The Beauty of Loneliness

The world around me is noisy and full, nearly bursting at the seams with its commotion
Yet I am alone
My kids chatter away, my husband tells of his day, my cats' meow their discontent
Yet I am alone
My social calendar is scheduled, my days packed with essentials
Yet I am alone
I have learned there is a beauty in loneliness.  It is in the quiet stillness of loneliness that I have time to sift through my thoughts and ever changing emotions.  In the midst of loneliness I am grounded, I am anchored.  Sometimes it takes the quiet ache of loneliness for me to discover the hidden truths, those pearls hidden for the earnest seekers of truth.  Lonely seasons, seasons of reflection, seasons of growth.  It is in these times that serious heart work is done.  It is so easy to distract myself with everything and everyone else around me.  Loneliness is the mirror in which only I am reflected back at myself.  It shows the imperfections of my nature that I mask so often in front of others; pride or envy, anger or apathy, love or hate are all inescapably reflected. 
It is in loneliness that I come to understand the truth that I am NEVER alone.  The One who placed the stars in the sky, the One who knows the beginning from the end, the One who sacrificed Himself to bring salvation to the world, yes He who knows the number of hairs upon my head, He awaits me in the place of loneliness.  How often I have missed Him by refusing the beauty of loneliness?

Dear friends I have been reflective this past week.  It has been in my reflections that this piece was born.  I am blessed to have so many beautiful friends who are there for me in any circumstance.  I know you are there:)  I firmly believe in the importance of having a good, trust-worthy support system.  I do not for a minute want anyone to think that I am now going to become a recluse.....I enjoy people way too much for that.  This is just the other-side of the coin of loneliness.  A perspective that I hope will encourage any one of you my firends who may be walking down the path of loneliness right now.  If you are in that place please know that I love you and am here.  Lots of love-Kristine


joanie Adkins said...

Aloneness has become one of my favorite times. It is not loneliness I feel in those times though, it is a peace unrelateable [inexplicable?] to others. It is a peaceful wonderful place away from any mask or pretension. So unlike my younger years. I enjoy people, always have but now ....but now.....peace/reflection/sorrow/remembrances/contentment/all in's good.

Kristine Meier-Skiff said...

I agree Joan. unfortunately I think many times we (meaning humans in general) never get to the point of aloneness because we start to feel loneliness. I think our culture today has made us forget the importance of these times. Instead we rush to fill every waking moment with stimulation of any kind and social obligation. I think to get to the point of aloneness we must embrace loneliness to a degree. Love you lots and am encouraged in my walk more than you will ever know by your blog.-Love Kristine

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