Monday, April 18, 2011

Glimpse of Seasons

Life is full of seasons.  Autumn cool and crisp: apples, cinnamon, leaves crunching under foot.  Winter cold and clean: stews, hot cocoa, fires cozily burning in the fire place.  Spring warm and wet:  strawberries, Easter eggs, colorful flowers everywhere you look.  Summer hot and lazy: barbeques, s’mores, pool time fun.  And then it begins again; year after year, decade after decade.  This is the beautiful cycle of life.
Our lives have other seasons though.  Ecclesiastes says it best “To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven.”  I have had many different seasons in my life, Seasons of blissful happiness, seasons of deep mourning, seasons of hardship and seasons of abundance.  I feel the stirrings in my heart that our season here in the Kingdom of Skiff is about to change.  We have been in a spring season for quite a while now.  New beginnings, new friendships, new purposes all coming into clear focus.  I feel the summer approaching. The heat is being turned up and all the new things have taken root.  I can’t wait to see what God has in store. 
I watched Secretariat with my husband last night.  I am not the horse movie kind of girl but this was a good movie...not great but good.  What I felt resonate strongly with me was the leading characters transformation.  She started the movie as an “ordinary housewife” and ends the movie a triumphant racehorse owner who accomplished what everyone said was impossible.  I have been feeling like the time for me to step out of my every day into more was fast approaching.  Starting this blog was a step in that direction.   I’m not sure what that entails completely yet….I certainly have no plans to buy a racehorse in the near future.   I have spent the past 12 years solely dedicating my life to those I love best.  I do not intend to stop but I do think that I am branching out.  I feel the winds of change softly brushing my cheeks, a lover’s gentle kiss softly compelling me to venture into unknown lands.    
Some of those unknown lands look a little intimidating to be honest.  I am looking at stepping further into the boxing ring known as Educational Advocacy.  Today I had the experience of having to completely disagree on my child’s ARD thus stopping the entire process and requiring yet another outside evaluation (the school is refusing to accept Alex’s medical diagnosis…..another story , one that I will definitely share in another post).  This is yet another step in my learning so that I can hopefully help other parents as they try to get their children the education that they need.
Some of the lands are exciting.  I look forward to furthering my writing and hope to begin the process of publishing articles in the near future.  I can’t wait to read the things that have been unfurling in my heart.  I know that sounds odd but I quite honestly never know what I am going to write until after I have written it.  I read it after I’m done and think “Ahh so that’s what that was all about” Call me crazy but it’s my process;-)
So here’s to seasons in our lives….my seasons and yours.   I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for us both-Kristine

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The FC Block Party - Lego Club said...

I've been thinking about seasons too...and their meaning. Thanks for some new thoughts to munch on. One thing I know are the seasons come and go way too quickly for me these days. Wish I could slow them down a tad...

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