Thursday, March 31, 2011

Change of Plans, Change of Heart

Today I had plans; busy, fun and important plans.  Those plans included a brief stop at the school to drop off the kids’ book fair money and then I was on my way.  I ran into the office, waited patiently for the office staff to come to me, waited a little less patiently for my boys to come pick up the money- but I was still on schedule. Then it happened.  Paul said “My teacher wants you to come upstairs after this.” I knew what this meant…..a big ole monkey wrench thrown into the well-oiled gears of my plan.
The monkey wrench was 5 pages on early American history.  We made it through the sequencing worksheet on the French and Indian War.  That was a tough assignment because the facts were not laid out in a linear fashion.  Instead you had to read through the chapter and glean the information from the story.  For an Aspie mind that is just torture. We powered on through the comparative maps section, easy but monotonous work.  Then we came to the Q & A worksheet.  This is where Paul’s quick mind shines.  I love the way he process information.  It keeps me on my toes and often results in lots of laughter (he has quite the sense of humor).    We were hard at work when the question appeared.   I must be honest; I was in a bit of hurry and just trying to get through.  I had not planned on being at the school today.  I had made other plans, which included a lunch date with my handsome man.
I read the question aloud to him. Question: How did the colonist show their anger to the British government about taxation without representation?
Paul very quickly responded “They screamed ‘No taxation without representation’.  This was not an effective method of communicating their anger because the British Parliament could not hear them across the ocean”
I wrote his answer down as I held in my chuckle.  That is such an Aspbergian answer: literal, to the point and completely accurate.  I brought his paper to his teacher and we shared a giggle over it all.
I left the school, pushed back my lunch date for another day, ran some errands and had an epiphany.  These things, these every day seemingly inconsequential things, are what make my life amazing.  I have years ahead of me for busy, fun, important plans.  I will get to spend my life having lunch dates with my handsome man.  But I only had today to hear that answer.  I only had today to laugh this laugh, make this memory.   So today my plans changed but more importantly my heart changed. 
Now I’m off to more adventures in the land of Skiff.  Thanks for reading.


Flo Blankenship said...

Wow Kristine; I'm hooked. I love reading your FB updates, but I had no idea the challenges you've faced/are facing. You handle these things with such grace & humor. LOVE the "neurodiversity rocks!" :) Flossie

Kristine Meier-Skiff said...

thank you so much Flossie. I really appreciate the encouragment. I haven't talked with you in a while. how are things going in your neck of the woods?

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